Life is good. Life is very good!

Saturday, June 30, 2007

A brand new Washing Machine

Hi! I wanted to thank all of the people who generously donated money towards Sophia's orphanage. The kids loved making the cards for you all and they felt so much apart of helping out. We raised enough money to purchase a Washing Machine for the Kunming Orphanage. This will be put to great use because there are so many children and we all know what it is like to have too much laundry!! We were also able to purchase special bottles for babies who have cleft palate!!! May the Lord bless all who gave - your gift will help bless the little orphans in Kunming China!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

8 days and counting!

Well, we are officially just 8 days away from boarding a plane set for China to meet the daughter that we have prayed for. This is the reason that in October 2003, God called us to go to China and bring home our daughter. She was meant to fit into this family and we are blessed that we are days away from holding her and kissing her sweet cheeks. Please pray for Sophia. It is very likely that she is being transferred from her foster family (with whom she has lived with for almost one year) and being taken back to the orphanage to prepare her to meet us - her parents. We know this must be a very difficult time for Sophia and certainly one that she has no understanding of why she is being taken from her home. We wonder if going back to the orphanage may help Sophia be better prepared for us. Surely the orphanage is not a place that feels like "home" anymore. Just pray for our little Sophie!

We are getting packed and it is CRAZY - we already know that we will be paying for extra weight for our suitcases - there is just NO WAY around it!! I am trying to filter through Sophia's clothes and keep reminding myself that this is NOT a fashion show - and to pack light - but her suitcase alone likely weighs 25 lbs over the 44 pound limit - I have to get it on a scale!!!

We are so excited to go to China. We know how blessed we are. We are feeling anxious and sad to leave our children. It is so hard to think of being away from them for two weeks. They will be having the TIME OF THEIR LIVES with their grandparents which makes it a bit easier to get on the plane!!!! 8 days till we leave and only 11 days till Sophie day!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Our Itinerary

* July 6 - leave Seattle!
* July 7 - Arrive in Guangzhou (stay overnight)
* July 8 - Take plant to Kunming

* July 9 - SOPHIE DAY
* July 10-14th - Adoption paperwork done in Kunming
* July 14 - Fly to Guangzhou
* July 15 - shopping and sightseeing day
* July 16th - Sophia’s medical and photo for visa
* July 17th - Consulate Appointment
* July 18th - Get miss Sophie's visa
* July 19th - Departure Guangzhou on 19th - we will NEVER forget you China and the gift you brought us in our baby girl!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


We got the call today that we finally have a consulate appointment scheduled for July 17th!!! YAHOO!! We will leave Seattle on July 6 (just two weeks away) and our Sophie's gotcha day will be July 9th! We will be coming home on the 18th - more information in a few hours once we have our flights paid for and booked! We are so excited!!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Travel Approval - it's here (well almost)

We just got an amazing email from our agency telling us that our TA (travel approval) is in the mail right now and will be here on Monday!!! We are so excited!! This is one of the last pieces that we need before we can get our little girl!!!! It seems unreal that in days, not months, we will be holding our new daughter, and giving her the love we have kept in our hearts for almost a year to her!!!! We await the CA (consulate appointment) which is when we can book our flights and really plan our trip. We are praying for a consulate appointment for the 2nd week in July - which would mean we would be able to travel and get our daughter the first week in July! Somedays we feel like we have waited soooo long, others days it feels surreal that life has called us to this purpose! God is just amazing! Please pray for us and our children as we prepare for this major life blessing and altering event!!!! Sophia Hui Juan, mommy and daddy are coming soon!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Today we heard back from our agency, and althought they did not offer any updated information on development, they did say that the orphanage worker was quoted as saying;

"She (Sophia) is very strong and almost never gets sick. She's very naughty and active, keeps adults busy all the time."


Looks like little Sophia will fit right in with us!!!