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Friday, May 01, 2009

ALMOST DONE....or is it just BEGINNING.....

So Adam and I are almost done with our PRIDE training which includes MANY hours (40) pf training and CPR/HIV and First Aid training - these classes have been jammed pack with information from how to transition a child who will go back to live with their birth parents to attachment. Some of this seems repetitive since we went through training for Sophia's adoption - but always helpful to brush up on! Plus this will be a FAR different journey for us - revealing different things that the Lord has for our lives and the lives of our family. I have been SO blessed by the wonderful people who have embraced and have given us such love during this time. So many people have already been touched, we have been even able to share about what we know already and have a couple of families that are interested about fostering....it is all about planting a seed - LIFE IS LIKE THAT
What we do today has eternal rewards/consequences. I think this week has really challenged the anxious ones as the Swine Flu has become a reality of many unknowns. People have started questioning their own lives and if the lives they have will be put in jeopardy. It totally makes me think of life. Questioning myself if my life is full and if I am walking the journey with God as the lead, or myself. I am so thankful that He has called us to care for His children - WOW - what a privilege. Life is short. Life is precious - why not allow a little life to be touched by showing love to a child with no hope - no love - no mom- no daddy. No one to tuck them in, pray with them, kick the soccer ball with, hug them when they have had one of "those days". In many ways we are ill prepared for this next journey - not all of our ducks are in the nice neat row that I like, but God still has given us this AMAZING peace and strength!
If any of you are ever interested in adoption or fostering, please leave me a comment. I would LOVE to pray for you and let you know how to get started!
In Him!

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