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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

You held her under your heart

Just two days past Mother's day, I feel this strong desire to say thank you to Sophia's "tummy mommy". Thank you for giving my daughter life. Thank you for holding this precious child in your womb and giving her the chance to live. Thank you for her sweet smirk and bright loving eyes. Thank you for giving her a silly sense of humor and quick whit. Thank you for giving her the best chance ever when you allowed her to be found instantly at a police station out of your village. Thank you for holding her and kissing her sweet head the moment she breathed her first earthly breath. Thank you for your courage and strength. I pray that even though we will never meet face to face, that you feel the love I have for you. I can not imagine a better gift than the gift I have in my children. I hope you know that you too are our family - someone that we love and pray for - someone that we wish abundant peace and the power of the Lord in your life. I love my little girl and I will raise her knowing what a huge sacrifice you made to give her life. She was born under your heart and she was born in my heart. We are forever weaved together in the life Sophia has and will live. You gave her life and I will be the one to hold her hand throughout her life journey. Words can not express how much you mean to me. Woman to woman, I see you as a rock in your strength. I love you.

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*Overflowing* said...

Very beautiful...oh how I'd love to meet our girl's first mama's!!