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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Goodbye Dear Friend

What a day. Today, we had to put our best friend to sleep. Our Percy, our fabulous BLACK LAB - one in a million dog - was sick with a cancer that had spread throughout his body. He was by far, thee best dog we have ever seen! He let the kids love on him with every ouce of LOVE that our children have (which can be hard for a doggie to do). He was always barking at suspicious sounds and coming to us for love and hugs and wet slobbery kisses!
This loss has rocked our little world. Our children are feeling very sad - lots of questions - WHY WHY WHY?
We went to the vet today and let our Percy lay in our arms as the vet administered the sleeping medication and he quickly and peacefully went out, almost as he lived here!
We have had a day of tears and disbelief. We feel like we have lost a family member.
Please pray for us.

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One Happy Momma said...

Oh Lisa, Adam and kids -

I am so so sorry about Percy.

I know how much our 4 legged babies me to us.

Percy was such a great dog!

Praying and sending {{HUGS}}